Mon EMS provides three programs for EMS interns. All interns must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age except as outlined below.
  • No criminal convictions or history that would preclude the applicant from observing or interacting with sensitive patient information or at-risk populations.
  • Proof of Hepatitis B Vaccine or Letter of Declination.
  • Proof of current immunizations as required by Mon EMS
  • Current CPR card from the American Heart Association or American Red Cross


The observer intern is a non-certified individual, most often evaluating EMS as a career option or seeking understanding of EMS roles and responsibilities.


A student intern is enrolled in an education program at Mon EMS or their education program has signed affiliation agreement to provide experience or work-based learning.


The certified intern has a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification, WV or other state certification and is seeking experience in EMS or specifically at Mon EMS. Most often, this is an entry-level provider or experienced individual considering Mon EMS for paid employment.

The certified intern must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Maintain NREMT certification and state certification (if applicable)
  • Maintain a current valid CPR for healthcare providers
  • Provide or apply, with Mon EMS sponsorship, for WV EMS certification
  • Obtain or provide proof of completion of NIMS IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800
  • Certification from primary healthcare provider (physician, nurse practitioner) stating that the intern is physically fit to perform duties expected of an ambulance crew member.



  • Interested observer and certified interns must file an application including any required documentation.
  • Mon EMS will review all internship applicants on a rolling basis.
  • Approved applicants are subject to background screening.


  • Interns are scheduled at the convenience of Mon EMS. It is recommended that interns provide multiple days and times of availability.
  • Each intern will be assigned to a Mon EMS provider for their shift(s).
  • If an intern is unable to make a shift they must notify the on-duty supervisor at 304-376-6344 and send an email message to prior to the shift start time.
  • Failure to attend a scheduled shift without notice as described will result in dismissal from the internship program.
  • Failure to attend more than one scheduled shift, even with notice, will result in a meeting with a member of the administrative team to determine the intern’s status in the program.


  • Interns must wear appropriate attire for the environment (sturdy black shoes, outerwear, business casual for office work, etc.).
  • Student interns must wear their education program’s assigned uniform. If no uniform is assigned, the intern must comply with the requirements of this section.
  • Black or dark blue uniform or trouser style pants are acceptable. No jeans, denim, or leggings allowed.
  • No visible offensive tattoos, no piercings that would inhibit patient care or crew safety, and hair must be of a natural color.
  • Interns must exhibit good personal hygiene (no body odor, no perfumes or colognes, etc.)

Participation in Patient Care

  • All primary patient care will be provided by licensed and credentialed Mon EMS providers (EMTs and paramedics).
  • As allowed and directed by their assigned Mon EMS field provider, interns may participate in care up to their level of training in a formal education program or EMS certification. Examples include:
    • Observer intern: may move equipment to / from the scene of a call or participate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if certified
    • Student intern: may participate in patient interviewing, physical assessment, patient movement, and care within the scope of practice of their education program
  • Interns may be overridden by their assigned supervising provider at any time.


  • Mon EMS internships last up to a maximum of six months.
  • An intern may request an extension of an internship in writing.
  • An education program may have an existing agreement on file with Mon EMS for durations in excess of 6 months.
  • Extensions are discretionary and not guaranteed.
  • Mon EMS administration may at any time terminate an internship for any reason.
  • The position of intern is unpaid and not subject to any unemployment or other benefits.