EMS Safety Tips: Beat the Heat

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EMS Safety Tips: Beat the Heat

Posted: 06/23/2022

(c) 12 WBOY News (Morgantown, W.Va.)

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — As we continue through the hot and humid summer months, temperatures begin to reach potentially dangerous levels.

12 News spoke with Monongalia County EMS Paramedic Lee Fuell about some summer safety tips to beat the heat.

“It’s very important for people to be aware of the environment, aware of the heat and especially the humidity,” Fuell said. “A heat stroke and especially a condition called an exertional heat stroke can kill you.”

While an exertional heat stroke, and death, may seem like a scary outcome for being out in the heat, you can still have your summer fun by being smart and safe.

Some tips that Fuell gave are to drink enough fluids, like water and low-sugar sports drinks, wear loose and lightly colored clothing, get in the shade as often as you can and stop doing whatever strenuous outdoor activity you’re doing if it is causing you issues.

Another way to stay safe throughout the summer months is to plan to go outside during the cooler parts of the day.

“It’s best if you engage in your outdoor activities either earlier in the day or later in the day when the temperature is lower and the sun angles are lower,” Fuell said.

Fairmont resident Zach Falcon has his own ways to stay outside of the heat.

“Definitely plenty of sunblock for one, I take water, Gatorade. The normal stuff, and I just try to give myself breaks every once in a while,” Falcon said. “You can’t just run from the heat right now especially getting into July.”

The Climate Prediction Center predicted that most of June would have above-average temperatures in West Virginia.